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Different Styles Of Make Up
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Make Up For Weddingarticle

    For weddings I can do a very wide selection of styles and tones to suit your own individial complextion, from a very pale make up to a more defined colour.


   You can choose your own colours and styles to suit your own individial situation


The photos on the site are just a small sample of my work,If you would like more information and details of some of the other styles i can do please contact me ...or email me Your own designs or requirement

Before And After European Peoplearticle

In these example you can see the many different styles I can do ... from a very light make up at the top right down to a bright make up ... ideal for a special occasions, dinner or a party etc.

You can choose what ever colour and style you would like, to suit your own skin type and texture...and the occasion.

The golden brown/light brown colour shown in the first picture is very popular with the European ladies.

One of the latest styles is the bright and funky colours which is popular with the younger ladies and teenagers going to the disco or party at the weekends.

Before And After Make Up Asian People article

In this section you can see the pictures of ladies before and after the make over..... this style of make up is for the stage show which is why it is stronger and brighter than for everyday life or for weddings, so it can been seen from a long distance.        


The make up is also water resistant.... and so will not run.       


Again if you have any particular style or design please contact me with your ideas, and together we will make you look very beautiful and elegant for you.


Before And After English / Indian / Turkarticle

For the Indian,middle eastern ladies who have quite distinct features such as high cheek bones and sharp features as well as beautifull deep eyes, you have to use a different style of make up to what you would do for a western or asian lady otherwise you could make their features stand out too much and it would not look natural and as attractive. It is important to choose the right colours and style of make up to suit your model. As you can see from the examples below, you can choose from many different colours that blend in with your models natural skin type and colour. A different hair style or the use of a wig can dramatically change the appearance of your model as you can see in the examples inside.

Before And After Make-Up African Peoplearticle

Because African ladies have a  dark skin you have to be carefull not to make her skin too light otherwise it will not match with the darker skin on her neck and her ears, in this example you can see how by carefull application of the make-up you can make her face look a bit lighter but still blending in with her neck, arms etc.

This lady is modeling four different styles of make-up as you can see from the pictures they are all very effective.

And the use of different hair styles and hair pieces can also have a dramatic effect on the overall appearance of someone, as you can see from these examples.

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